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Recreational Youth Karate

Classes to Grow Mind and Body for Kids & Teens

ActivStars has developed one of the most comprehensive youth karate programs in the U.S. Starting with highly trained instructors, our programs are designed to keep kids safe with a system purposefully created for children and teens. We incorporate leading self-defense techniques together with lessons in safety awareness, abduction prevention and anti-bullying.

Our instructors are highly trained in these and other areas so that your star is learning ways to stay safe throughout their life.

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Creating the Black Belt Mindset

ActivStars offers youth karate and martial arts programs designed to teach your child respect for themselves and the world and community where they live. Our classes are designed to build confidence and safety skills while encouraging a respect for others. As your child moves through the martial arts classes and ranks, they’ll learn how to encourage and protect others as well as the importance of healthy competition.

We take pride in helping our students develop life skills through karate. Join our karate family today and see how being part of an encouraging martial arts program can help your child grow and succeed.

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Students learn abduction-prevention skills and how to stay safe in all environments.

Anti-Bullying Program

Students learn the “Mind of a Black Belt” and prepare to handle verbal attacks from bullies in any situation.


Students have the opportunity shine in forms, sparring, and more, while developing self-confidence and teamwork.